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"We were both young when I first saw you
I close my eyes
And the flashback starts
I'm standing there
On a balcony in summer air"

Nobody knows where Kyo first met Yuki ever since during KOF 96~97 or even I don't know about it.But,I'll make up stories about both Kyo and Yuki during KOF 94.It's starts with at school.

The school is pure and simple life for students to work,some of it hang out,others are studying,play sports coming and come out from school.There's also having a bully in the school too.But,a hero comes to help the weak.Also,some students also having a love life too..Where a boy meets girls..and girls meet boys..walking side by side..

Meet the boy:

"Huh?What is it,Sanae-san?"
"Are you finished your article facts?"

Yuki is an average teenage school girl with good grades,proficient of high jump and tennis and loves to hang out,just like typical girls do.She's studying with two girls,Sanae and Kanna in the library studying about the article.She lives with her parents in normal life far from school.Then,suddenly,while her friends is studying,Yuki has caught an attention,she spotted a guy next to her with rebel look.He has a brunette hair with fringe in each sides of his cheek and wear school uniform with a shabby looks.He seems like he's listening to his music in his MD(Mini Disc).He caught Yuki's attention,and she felt her heart beating as she sees him look handsome where she never felt before.As he look at Yuki,her face went red while the guy seems to smiling at her and wave at her.Embarassed,she turn away after she wave at him in return when her friends told her what's wrong.Then,another boy show up and talk to to the boy and the boy agreed.The two boys go out from the library and Yuki seems to dissapointed to get a chance to greet the boy.Sanae noticed Yuki got an attention on the boy and told her."That's Kyo Kusanagi,he's our classmate!".Yuki surprised,"He is?" and Kanna replies "They said that he is a delinquent who always gets mad everytimes and no one ever talks to him,execpt the boy,Itachi Amaterasu,his best friend since they were kids.They said they look like brothers went they were closed..Huuu..How lucky that he'll be my boyfriend.."Kanna seems to have day dreaming about the boy but Sanae refused that "What if he doens't?"
But Yuki didn't paid much attention from her friends arguing,she seems to be a whole life looking at the boy.After finished schooling,she went walk home with her friends and happilly chit-chat together until they came across the group of punks,the troublemaker from their school and started to bully the girls and one of them stole the keychain from Sanae that Yuki made for her.She demands it to give it back,but they just laugh and crash it,causing Yuki infuriate and hit them with her bag.Angry,they grab Yuki's arm began to slap her but the hand appeared with a firm grip.The punk was in pain and turn around,with fright as the boy appeared and said "I can't believe you idiots like to bully a girl and smashed the girl's keychain and then you tried to hit the girl?I'm so dissapointed!!" the thug were frightens "Kusanagi-san..." Yuki surprises that she saw the same guy Sanae speak about,she lets her face red as she sees him.The boy growl at him and said "Let the girl go now!!" but the thug denies this "but she hit me!!"
Enraged,he ask them this while shoot out his flame "So,what if she hits you?Just like how you guys broke her friend's keychain?It doesn't matter of what she hit you,that means you have to let her go or else I'LL BREAK YOUR ARM!!"
The thugs scream in pain and said as if he pleaded,"Okay!Okay! I let her go!!"
He let Yuki and her friends go and left and told her "You're lucky this time,you bitch!!"
"She have a name or I'll burn your mouth!!"The boy growl at them and the thugs ran away frightened as he yells at them.Then,he turn to the girls and spotted Yuki and said "'re that girl from better be careful and those guys often pickin' on someone and this things...I'll ask my mom to fix it.." He take the broken keychain to fix it but Yuki take it back,"It's okay..I'll fix this myself.." but the boy just patted her head and said.."you're cute...see ya".As he walk away,Yuki seems to be disappointed,"I couldn't have time to introduce my name to him.." Kanna cheer her up,"Well,at least he got you in time.."
"Oh..stop it!!" Yuki blushed madly "How would I had a feelings to that guy like that?"
"Yuki-san,you're lucky this time!!"
"Ohh..Stop it already!I never claimed that I like that guy!!"

Fiery Fate:

At the lab,where all students were studying science.Yuki is studying with her friends and then suddenly,someone knocked the the bowl that Yuki was made.It's those girls,who jealous at her success,saying that she maybe smart but not as pretty as the girls,Sanae decline that but the girls just act awfully snobish and too narcistisc refused that until Kyo passes by and warn Yuki that Kyo was hers,leaving Yuki,seemingly angry,splash at her and said,"Hey,Just because I met him and that doens't mean that I like him..I thought that you mishearded!And leave me alone okay?"Just she was about to leave,the girls stops her and she demands to let her through but the girl suddenly lock her up in the bathroom.Without them knowing,the bunsen burner started to fire up at the schools run fire.Everyone has evacuate,but Yuki still trapped inside,coughing while knocking the door until she's uncouscious.Thankfully,someone open the door.It's the same boy from before found her lying unconsious.Kyo carries her to his arms and going to exit with a fire engulfed around him.Yuki woke up and the boy ask,"Are you okay?" and she nodded weakly."I'm gonna get ya outta here as soon as possible!Those bitches,why they just left her die like that?Hang on!".Kyo,with fast as lightning,went through to all fire and crash the walls by throwing the burning log and found way out.While outside,The teachers were looking for Yuki,Sanae and Kanna seems to worry but the "Glamour Girls" seems in delight and said that she's probably dead by now but the voice came out.."You bunch of girls should be ashamed..leaving her alone like that?"

Kyo brought an unconscious body of Yuki outside,the girls were shocked and Yuki's friends went to see her in delight.The parents of the girls scold at them for leaving her dead,which they expelled from the school for making fire on school.At hospital,Yuki's parents thanking Kyo for saving their daughter and allow him to see her as his parents talking to her parents about their son's bravery.In the room,Yuki open her eyes and spotted Kyo looking at her,thanking him for saving her life from the burning flame.Kyo ask her why she's in the locker room,Yuki,in depressed,said that those girls tried to make Yuki suffered and leave her for the advance to liking Kyo and she wished that she wanted to die.But,Kyo told her that to be strong for her family while she was an only child of the couple and she has to keep going for the future.Yuki apologies to Kyo for being bossy and arrogant dude,and Kyo accepts that.Then,Yuki was forgotten to tell him her name but Kyo already know that when she said,"I'm Yuki,and you are..."
Kyo named himself,"I'm Kyo..Kyo Kusanagi...your name suits means "snow" in Japanese!"
"You think.."
"I always thought that you are blunt and shy and sometimes annoying too...."
Yuki angered by that"Said that if you want..I'm not cute and..."But Kyo wont let her finished..."But,you're the cutest and prettiest girl I ever met!",leaving Yuki speechless.
"Any rate,can you bring your parents to come over my house...if you get better?"
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